phibz (phibz) wrote,

Words for the Remaining

The title and purpose of this post is in reference and inspired by Andrew Olmsted, an American soldier who recently passed away in Iraq who kept a consistent blog during his time there. He wrote a long saved post in case he died over there and requested his friend to upload it when the time comes.

I was inspired by this because I frequently think of a 'what-if' world if I would die today, or tomorrow or any recent future. It is in a way a negative thing to imagine a place after your death, even with my constant insistent to be more positive and optimistic. So just like a will, but instead of handing out cheques and money I'm handing out humor, tears and words for those close and not so close to my heart physically or emotionally. Writing a backup post just in case the wild unpredictable fluctuations of this universe chooses to pick me out of existence.

Even though my life can't be considered epic considering its short two-decade run, I do have a lot of thoughts to gather. And this 'private' blog was made to organize and virtually map out my thoughts and emotions so that they are eligible outside my abstract weird mind. With that said, since I only have class from 6.30pm to 10.30, I'll have the whole day to concentrate and organize what I want to say. Sleeping also prepares the brain and soul for some searching and documenting. Lets hope whoever kills Kenny all the time doesn't find me until later (knocks wood). Until then.


Its hard to say what I feel today with years gone by

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